Encyclopedia of Gowns Update

Well I don’t have any links for your this time (my computer died so I am on my phone) but I wanted to tell you that Maxima, Catherine, and Charlene have all been added!! That makes the grand total-
Silvia, Victoria, Madeleine, Sofia, Marie, Mary, Sonja, Mette Marit, Martha Louise, AND MAXIMA, CATHERINE, AND CHARLENE.

AS ALWAYS I WELCOME HELP AND SUGGESTIONS ON WHO TO DO NEXT. Also I remind you that I am always adding when I find new ones so feel free to send me some!

So I played with chalk this weekend and ended up drawing the swedish royal family as fish and the Royal Palace. Here they are after the rain…


Filling out job applications and they ask for skills and what not

  • I can name off the top of my head the lines of succession to most of the monarchies in europe
  • I look at a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge and know exactly when it was
  • I’m experienced staying up late/waking up in the middle of the night 
  • I can show you the world… of shining shimmering royals  
  • I have exceptional organizational skills online
  • idk what else 

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i made a thing



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More Pictures of Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle from today. [X]

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Somedays when I am feeling down- I wear my hair in a ponytail and pretend to be Crown Princess Victoria. It makes me smile.

Estelle’s hair is getting so long!!

Today has been a great day for the royal fandom


we all got to see our favorite royal kids! 

  • We saw a little bit of George
  • We saw our favorite little Danes
  • Estelle and her sass came out
  • New pics of the Infanta’s 
  • We got an announcement for Leonore’s christening date

All we need now is a baby in Luxembourg and I think all bases are covered! 


Take your kid to work day!: Today Princess Estelle followed her mother, the Crown Princess to the opening of a new exhibition at Skansen in Stockholm

Source: svenskdam.se

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"Kate told one woman in the crowd in Wellington today George was asleep, she added : “He’s a very podgy baby”"

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